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Axis needed for circular pattern of a square feature

I would like to create a circular pattern of the square corner (purple) part in an assembly where there is no cylindrical shape and no axis to select. I created a construction line on the grey base part in the part studio so that I would have a line to select as the axis of pattern, but this sketch line does not show up in the assembly level.  I understand that having a work axis is not typically a necessity because there are work-arounds, but what is the work-around for this part when I need an axis but cannot create one?
First image - part studio showing construction line I drew in the middle of the part
Second image: shows the assembly I would like to create.  The one shown here was created by copying the part and creating 4 fastened mates, but this is not the most efficient way to get this done.  I am a teacher and would like to teach the students the most effective way.  Thanks for any help.

Best Answer


  • elizabeth_giovanardielizabeth_giovanardi Member Posts: 16 EDU
    Thanks for your quick response.  I got it to work by adding a mate connector like you suggested.
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