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Get Assembly Mass Properties With API

duncan_abbotduncan_abbot Member Posts: 2
Hi, I can measure an assembly's mass properties with the GUI tool in the browser, but I need to be able to get these with the API like I would for a Parts Studio. Is this an available feature and/or is there a workaround? I've also not been able to hit the green checkmark in the mass measure tool popup in my assembly despite giving it the correct inputs with no errors.


  • alan_baljeualan_baljeu Member, User Group Leader Posts: 111 ✭✭
    Yes, there is one in PartStudios.  /partstudios/d/:did/[wvm]/:wvm/e/:eid/massproperties

    Or if you meant in Featurescript, you're looking for:

    evApproximateMassProperties (context is Context, arg is map) returns MassProperties

    In the UI, i believe the Green checkmark is disabled.  There is no way to "accept" mass properties measurements.
    Creating knowledge-driven design automation software, for molds, etc.

  • kenn_sebesta167kenn_sebesta167 Member Posts: 41 ✭✭
    @alan_baljeu could you drop a link to where the `massproperties` value is documented in the API? It is being frustratingly hard to find.
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