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CAM: cloud-based, linked with Onshape CAD, and with simultaneous 5 axis functionality

Cedric_EveleighCedric_Eveleigh Member, OS Professional, csevp Posts: 61 PRO
edited February 2021 in App Store & Partners Apps
I would like there to be cloud-based CAM that is linked with Onshape, meaning that toolpaths can be quickly updated after modifications to a CAD model in Onshape. The CAM tool that I suggest should have modern functionality, including simultaneous 5 axis toolpaths.

Although it appears to be gone from the app store, VisualCAMc almost fit the bill: it was linked with Onshape but it couldn't generate simultaneous 5 axis toolpaths (and it was expensive).

I'm currently using Fusion 360 for CAM and Onshape for CAD, and I waste time updating toolpaths in Fusion when I make modifications to the model in Onshape; this is because I need to download the 3D model from Onshape, upload it to Fusion, and then re-create the model feature selections in the CAM menus in Fusion. If Onshape CAD wasn't so good, I would've switched entirely to Fusion 360 for its linked CAD and CAM.


  • bill_schnoebelenbill_schnoebelen OS Professional, Developers, User Group Leader, csevp Posts: 109 PRO
  • david_7david_7 Member, csevp Posts: 18 PRO
    I agree although I'd say if Fusion's modeling wasn't so bad I would have switched already.
  • nicholas_radzykewycznicholas_radzykewycz Member Posts: 30 PRO
    I would like to see this too, as even though I don't perform milling operations it's often useful to setup and test a milling path for a part to optimize your manufacturing costs. Also combining something like Repetier Host or Cura for 3D printing with Onshape directly to interface to printers would be awesome. As it is common to have to move from setting up a file to going to a slicer software to get final runtime estimates. So it would be vastly more straightforward if you could edit base geometry and see your print time improvements more immediately.
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