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can you male an assembly of 2 or more imported stl files

paul_mcgivenpaul_mcgiven Member Posts: 7
I can import 2 stl files, but cant make them into a part studio file, when i try and create an assembly file and then insert the imported stl file, it does not show on the list of part studio files to insert
because its not a part studio file, i would then like to be able to insert another stl file and position it (mate) it with the first import, so i can then model a new part around the imported files being
used as a reference.
is there a way to convert an stl into a part studio file so you can then import / insert it into an assembly file to use as reference geometry.

Thanks for any help Guys


  • GWS50GWS50 Member Posts: 160 PRO
    An STL as a part has been requested as an improvement but at the moment it is not possible. The workaround, (I hate this term BTW) is to decimate the STL down to below 10,000 faces Quadratic or 5000 faces triangulate. This can be done in a variety of ways.....I use Meshlab. I then import into Vectorworks, Convert to Generic Solid and export the result as a STEP/Parasolid file. Vectorworks is not free however so try FreeCAD as an alternative.
    I know so many CAD users who need 'full' reference an STL in the CAD world, I know it's tricky but it can be done and is often a necessary connection between the real and digital worlds.
    I think Blender is another option for exporting STLs as STEP files but never tried it, and I also think Fusion 360 can already do this. I keeping my fingers crossed that the improvement will be implemented soon.
    Hope this helps....a bit!
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