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Improving text selection, copy/paste functionality, esp. in callouts

Eleanor_CoffinEleanor_Coffin Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
edited February 2021 in Drawings
I have a couple things to throw out there regarding callouts and text in drawings -- I'd like to see if others agree or think any of them are worth of submitting an improvement request.

Copy/paste in drawing callouts: For example, I have a callout that I'd like to add a part number and quantity to. I add the part number to the center box and quantity to the right box. Later I decide I want to move the quantity to the left side. If I copy/paste the contents of that field, it pastes as plain text rather than keeping the quantity linked to its table.

Probably worth noting that only bothers me because the location of the quantity isn't a toggle like it is in Solidworks. I much prefer only having to click one button to do that than highlight, delete, select the correct field, click table property, click quantity, and type "X" next to it.

Edit: Relatedly, it would be nice to be able to select multiple callouts at once and give them all the same properties, so that even if the process still takes six steps, it doesn't have to be repeated for each individual callout that needs to be edited.

Text selection: It would also be very convenient if Ctrl-A worked to select all, in callouts/notes/anywhere there's text.

Item selection: When you select a dimension or callout, no matter where you click on it, the item snaps to the center of your cursor, so if you had any alignment you'd like to keep, it's gone and you have to reposition. I'd like to see the item not snap like that so you can just make really quick placement adjustments.

Edit: Dimension text: Having the option to use spacing between the dimension and text added to the left/right would be nice; hard-coding in spaces feels like bad practice. I'd also like to have the option to right/left-align the text.
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