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Drawings: Lines & Construction Lines & Dimensions

warren_pegleywarren_pegley Member Posts: 14
edited February 8 in General
Hello ONSHAPE & Others
Firstly Happy 2021.

I found it frustrating that Lines & Construction Lines & Dimensions didn't snap to one another - Just saying, Its great that you can export & tune it up on a 2d CAD software, But ONSHAPE is so close to not needing too, once that & Line Weights are sorted.

Can I also suggest that Onshape in-beds the Onshape logo in the free drawings Title Block, to help prevent unwarranted use of the free application, If your quick enough you can punch out a design & delete it.

Example on Wikipedia why the Logo would be beneficial
I'd hate to see this program not be available to the public, 2 reasons. 1. FreeCAD is very difficult to learn (But is gaining usability & functionality with commercial support), Being able to design when all else has turned to shit is a what society needs - to drive innovation & in turn the economy, Sad to see F360 become restrictive as there shouldn't be a monopoly on CAD, In my opinions Governments should endorse and fund CAD & Standardise the hell out of it. As being forced to relearn Software after Software is counter productive. But if your recovering from say your 2nd spinal injury what bloody choice have you got.


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