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Laser cutting questions

barry_sheridanbarry_sheridan Member Posts: 2
Hello, I'm new to Onshape but not to CAD in general. I have been using Onshape to design fairly complicated laser cut models. I model all of the parts in a single Part Studio. After this I create a single tighly-packed drawing with all of the parts efficiently laid out for laser cutting.

But I've run into a couple of workflow issues, can you help me please?

1. SELECTING PARTS. The drawing is so tightly packed that it becomes almost impossible to select and re-position individual drawing views. The cursor seems to want to grab the empty space of each drawing view and prevent me slecting the smaller parts in particular. I can wrestle with sending objects to the background, but it's still very frustrating.

2. DUPLICATING DRAWING VIEWS. My design uses multiple copies of a small clip. I've modelled this object once and placed it onto the laser cutting drawing. But how do I duplicate this drawing view dozens of times. I want to cut out dozens of these wee clips, and the process of inserting it from the Part Studio each time is tedious. There must be a way to duplicate drawing views?

3. LINE COLOUR. My laser cutter looks for lines of different colours. How do I put different line colours into a drawing?

4. EDITING THE DRAWINGS AFTERWARDS. To each part in my laser cutting layout drawing I'd like to edit the outline. (Basically I want to break the lines so the laser cutter leaves a small unbroken bridge to let customers pop out the parts themselves at home). I can't figure out how to edit the drawings after the've been laid out.

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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