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PAHPAH Member Posts: 16 EDU
I have create a design of a table for my Woodworking students. All parts are in 1 parts studio so that I could relate the geometry. I then created a configuration table of the main dimensions (Height, Width, Length, leg size and skirt width). Each student has different dimensions to make the tables different to manufacture. I then created the assembly and a drawing package of all the parts (8 sheets).

How do I change the configuration so that all drawing pages update to the desired configuration? It looks like I need to change each part in the assembly but that seems tedious. I must be missing something.

Thanks for any help,


  • PAHPAH Member Posts: 16 EDU
    Here is the first part drawing Sheet 2 of 8

  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 299 PRO
    @PAH, I approached the task from a slightly different perspective.  Rather than "configuring" the design I chose to just create external variables for the key parameters (L,W,H ... or whatever you deem important). 

    The table parts are in a single Part Studio (note that I added reference surface to facilitate 'replicating' the legs rather than placing and mating four unique instances). 

    Editing the variable values in the Part Studio propagates to the Assembly and Drawing (must hit the 'update' button in the drawing). 

    Does this approach meet your needs?

  • PAHPAH Member Posts: 16 EDU
    Thank you for the feedback. I had started that way but I had a few issues.
    - I could not figure out how to show a variable on the drawings like Student name so the students do not get them mixed up and I did not want to edit each drawing.
    - Then a couple of students wanted lift top designs instead of hinging tops (storage inside), so I thought I should model it to see if the mechanics fit the design. Of course it meant some changes to a few parts just for them so I changed to configurations which I thought should work the same but for some reason it does not.

    I am still learning and their is no better way then to try things out so I am just looking for more ideas. Thanks again for your help and if you have any other ideas I am open to them.


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