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Linear Pattern Sketch Feature

I have found the linear pattern tool in sketch among the hardest to control.  There's no creation dialog box or quick tip like with similar tools and once created, there seems no way to edit the pattern.  Are there features I'm just not seeing?


  • alnisalnis Member, Developers Posts: 370 EDU
    You can change the direction and distance by deleting constraints on the direction line (the line connecting the first two instances) and deleting or editing the dimension associated with that line (if you delete it, you can constrain, say, the last entity relative to something and the rest of the pattern will update). You can also change the number of instances by editing the 3x, 4x, or other #x dimension/quantity label. However, you cannot add additional entities to the pattern after creation as far as I know.

    Here is the documentation page:

    In general, I recommend using the pattern feature if possible since those are more configurable and stable in general. Sketch patterns are best if you need to define the spacing based on the position of some instance or you need to delete/edit specific instances.
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