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Creating a raised edge

eric_borden595eric_borden595 Member Posts: 19
If you look at this drawing: <a href="" title="Link: null">https://cad.onshape.com/documents/c474eddd6d7bd94dd68eb92e/w/56547b004e63720d53780d16/e/f47f36678f72a1f046ace700</a>
I have created a border along the edge of the parts that is higher than the rest of the part.
I created this by offsetting the border 1mm inward and then extruding this 1mm wide area with add to the original part.  This seems to work but...I have run into trouble!
It really depends if I can get an offset to work or not.  In this example this method works but in other drawings I have, I can't get the offset to work and I can't creat the 1mm edge to extrude.

Is there another way to achieve what I'm trying to do?
I don't think shell works here because I only want the long edges to be higher and not short ends or the holes.

Thank you.


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