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Reality Server issue

hiba_fatima112hiba_fatima112 Member Posts: 1 EDU
Hi I'm a high school student using OnShape for an assignment. When I tried to change a material for one of my parts but it wouldn't work no matter what I did. My other parts were successfully able to change materials but I don't know why this one part was not able to. What can I do to fix this issue?


  • Jordan_CliffordJordan_Clifford Member Posts: 1

    The most likely cause of the issue is if you're using face colors within your Onshape document.

    These face colors can take priority over materials in RealityServer for Onshape.

    There is a simple way to get around this if which is by setting a "material override", what this does is allows a material to be assigned at a certain level of the document and anything below that level is ignored. e.g. Setting a material override to an assembly will override any material attached to the parts of that assembly, but doing it to a single part within that assembly wont affect the other parts of that assembly.

    Here is a link to a short video on setting up a material override in RealityServer for Onshape. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VPx6qr_FQY)

    In the situation where this isn't the case and material override doesn't give the desired results you can apply materials to singular surfaces within a part. Which should also be able to help with the material assignment.

    Here is a link to another short video on applying materials to a single surface inside of a part.

    Hopefully one of these solutions is able to help fix your issue, and if not, you can let me know on here and we can take a deeper dive into the details of what is causing the issue and how we can past it.

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