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Any Way To "Slice Sketch" ?

ben_mattheiben_matthei Member Posts: 3
Quick question, is there a way to fast way to hide the portion of a body/model that is infront of the sketch plane to make it easier to see where you're sketching? Fusion 360 has the "Slice Sketch" feature and it works beautifully, just wondering if theres anything like this in onshape, 


  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 596 PRO
    edited March 29
    Shift+X is the keyboard shortcut for cross-section view. So, you can hit shift+x, then select the plane, surface, or mate connector you're going to sketch on (or the actual sketch itself in the feature tree if it exists already). Then, hit "enter" or the green check mark and proceed with your sketching. 

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