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How do I auto-focus first parameter of array?

George_AndersonGeorge_Anderson Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
I have an array parameter, where each has an "entities" parameter. When the user clicks "Add" to add a new array item, I want the "entities" field to be auto-selected. I'm  trying to use the UIHints for auto-focus, but it doesn't work yet.
Here's an example:
Any ideas?


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    kevin_o_toole_1kevin_o_toole_1 Onshape Employees, Developers, HDM Posts: 565
    The "FOCUS_INNER_QUERY" only works for a selection-driven array parameter (AKA one with "Driven query" set to that query parameter). Selection-driven array parameters add items by making selections while the outer array is focused. Seems like this switch might work for your workflow, and save a button click.

    "FOCUS_INNER_QUERY" does not work on arrays that are not selection-driven, though you could submit an improvement request to suggest it!
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    George_AndersonGeorge_Anderson Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
    @kevin_o_toole_1 Thanks for the clarification about "FOCUS_INNER_QUERY". Unfortunately my real use case doesn't work with selection-driven parameters. Each "operation" accepts a variable number of entities. (So the first might take 1 body, the second 3 bodies, etc.).

    I'll submit an improvement request.
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    Alex_KempenAlex_Kempen Member Posts: 244 EDU
    It's also weird because the FOCUS_INNER_QUERY description in the documentation isn't very clear - it's currently the only place documentation where the term "QLV" is used. INITIAL_FOCUS_ON_EDIT and INITIAL_FOCUS also don't explicitly say they don't work with internal array parameters, although this is likely because their descriptions were written before array parameters were added to FeatureScript.
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