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Connecting Two Parts

mackenzie_baackmackenzie_baack Member Posts: 3

I have these two parts that I am trying to connect. When I try to use the Boolean union tool it says "Boolean resulted in no geometry change. The parts either do not intersect or are totally contained. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 294 PRO
    @mackenzie_baack, perhaps your task might be better accomplished in an ASSEMBLY, using MATES.  Make your document public and share a link if you need more detailed assistance.
  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 593 PRO
    It also sounds like the two parts you're trying to combine aren't actually touching (or one part is completely inside of the other).
  • mackenzie_baackmackenzie_baack Member Posts: 3
    @tim_hess427 thank you! you were right, fix that and it worked!
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