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Binary arithmetic/operators in featurescript?

mark_sherriff693mark_sherriff693 Member Posts: 2 EDU

I'm looking to be able to do things like XOR, bit shifting and bit masking inside a function in FeatureScript, as part of a generative algorithm to draw a pseudo Hilbert curve.

Unfortunately, this looks like it's not possible, as FS gives no binary operators or binary types - is there a known way to do these sorts of things in the community?

The closest I can get to anything resembling it in decimal is representing a right shift as "floor(value / 2)" - but this is only one part of the algorithm.



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    MBartlett21MBartlett21 Member, OS Professional, Developers Posts: 2,036 EDU

    There is no binary operators in FeatureScript. You will have to do your own functions for that. Also, all numbers in FeatureScript are represented as double-precision floats, so you will lose some precision as soon as you go above ~53 bits.
    mb - draftsman - also FS author: View FeatureScripts
    IR for AS/NZS 1100
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