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Trouble with loft and offset surface commands

sam_toccisam_tocci Member Posts: 2
I'm new to OnShape and I'm having trouble with the offset surface and thicken commands on my curved surface (link to the project below). What I thought would be a simple loft has stumped me.

I'm trying to replicate a pinched rectangular extrusion, like if you squeezed the edges of a foam card.
I started with three planar curves and lofted them into one surface. Right away I notice a seam in my surface that stems from where my tangent curves meet in sketch 2 (and sketch 4, being identical).
Creating composite curves and lofting didn't seem to have an effect. 

This causes problems when using the thicken command, or offsetting the surface, the resulting edge has a sharp change in direction at this seam. I would like the "thickened" object to have a smooth continuous edge that is normal to the original surface at all points as though it were once flat and then pinched into this shape.

I also tried to manually draw the lower edge using a bridging curve, but I couldn't find a way to constrain it to be equidistant from the original edge. At this point I realized I was overcomplicating things and decided to ask the forum.
I appreciate any and all help, thanks in advance!



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