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Is there a way to get rid of old history?


I've been working on my workspace for a while and it is getting bigger and bigger (more than 160 MB by now). By the same time it seems that it is also getting slower.

I like the ability to go back in history, but I don't need to go back all the way to the beginning. Is there a way to merge some part of the history to save space and restore performance?

Taking a snapshot of my current workspace and copying it to a new workspace without the history would also work for me. I know that I can copy part studios, but I was not able to copy assemblies or whole workspaces.


Best Answer


  • oliver_treicheloliver_treichel Member Posts: 2

    thanks for the quick answer. I tried that already, but the copy still had the same size as the original.

    However, after emptying the trash and waiting for some time, the size reduced from 166 MB to just 6 MB. I simply did not wait long enough.

    Thank you!
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