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Best way to go about designing attachment for sg90 servo?

louis_schoeppachlouis_schoeppach Member Posts: 6
edited June 10 in Using Onshape
I wanted to design my own little arm that would mesh perfectly with the tiny plastic gear of an SG90 servo. I got a complete model of it off of the internet, but I couldn't select an area around the gear, so I decided to make my own sketch that perfectly matched the gear profile using a few lines and a circular pattern. But I still couldn't select the area around that sketch for an extrude, because I did the outline of the gear by hand, so it didn't line up perfectly with itself and form a "closed" sketch. So I'm wondering if someone who's more experienced knows of a tool or resource that would make this a simple task.


Edit: Link to doc: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/38ff6556b67945ffe0fb5e11/w/102f61611d6afd0f62f2b9d1/e/02a246b499a80c6cca4c74a7 


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