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Configuration variable range available in FeatureScript

victor_ragusilavictor_ragusila Member Posts: 8
Hey All

I want to be able to display the range of a configuration variable in the feature tree. I am beginning to learn FS, so i am wondering if I can access the range (min and max value) of a configuration variable from FS?
Or can I make a variable in my doc have the value of the Min or Max possible value of a configuration variable? 



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    kevin_o_toole_1kevin_o_toole_1 Onshape Employees, Developers, HDM Posts: 565
    Hi Victor,

    This information is not accessible in FeatureScript, and currently is only used in the UI and error handling. Sorry this is not possible, let us know if there is a broader workflow you'd like to support that we might accomplish in a different way.

    – Kevin
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    victor_ragusilavictor_ragusila Member Posts: 8
    So my goal is: 

    I got a part studio outlining the skeleton of a humanoid robot. It has 5 config variables (for the 5 angles in the hip, knee and ankle). It is a combination of derived sketches and mate connectors, describing the position of limbs, linkages and actuators for a given angle combination.

    In it there are derived sketches from part studios for the hip, knee and ankle. 

    Each derived sketch has its own configuration for the angles. 

    The skeleton is used in an overall assembly, where the (complicated) limbs are mated to their own mate connectors, as defined in the skeleton. The overall assembly uses the configuration angles to pose the leg at the desired position. I used this method, as it is able to solve the mates a lot easier than actually mating the limbs and linkages to eachother. 

    I want to be able to see (and set) the limits for those angles, ideally in the skeleton part studio. I can create local variables that show the min and max angles, but I cant use them to define the limits of the configuration angles. I cant see the configuration angle limits in FS or local variables. It is tedious and error-prone to go to each configuration variable and check its range. 

    I could set up the limits as local variables, and the desired position as local variable (and even make sure its in the desired range), but then the top level assembly cant call the desired position of the skeleton part studio, as it doesnt have access to the local variable. 

    So I am a bit stuck. 
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