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I can´t visualize my STEPfile.

adriano_munizadriano_muniz Member Posts: 1 PRO
Hello! I've imported some STEP parts and some of them appears on "my Onshape" but when I try to open it, all that shows is the document page with a pop-up that lets me download or update the file.


  • bradley_saulnbradley_sauln Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 373
    You probably opened the document before the models translated to a Part Studio. What you are looking at is a tab where there original data is stored by Onshape. If you look at your tab manager or at the bottom of the screen you should see other tabs that will most likely contain the models. You may need to click on the home icon if you are looking at the tabs at the bottom.
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  • jake_delano19jake_delano19 Member, csevp Posts: 19 PRO
    Hi Adriano, it sounds like you're looking at a page similar to one in the image below inside the CAD Imports folder that gets created whenever you import something into Onshape.

    STEP files almost always successfully translate into your Onshape document. Try hitting the house icon at the bottom left of your screen in the tab list, that will take you to the home section of the tabs and you should see a part studio and/or assembly tab with the parts/assemblies that you've uploaded into Onshape.

  • vijay_k029vijay_k029 Member Posts: 2
    The house icon trick worked.
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