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Mate Matching Faces Nr.2

lorenz_poigerlorenz_poiger Member Posts: 15 PRO
I have already posted a question regarding mating matching faces, this was rather easily solved since both faces are circular. I now have a different problem where I have to mate faces that are matching to eachother and fit perfectly together, but they are not circular, so Onshape does not create any usable mates. How can I mate these 2 faces? I cannot use multipart studios for data mangement reasons. 

Thanks in advance! 



  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 463 PRO
    Try adding the mate connectors while in each part's individual studio. If you need to reference one of the parts while in the assembly, right click the part while in the assembly and click "edit in context".

    For more specific help, you can share your document's url. If you do, make sure it is set to public so that we can help you place the mates.
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