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How to get overlapping flanges for sheet metal assembly?

ECDesignECDesign Member Posts: 4
edited August 2021 in Community Support

Currently working on a spray booth project, and decided to use a sheet metal funnel/duct assembly for the fan and filters. Only just recently started using Onshape for this, after having failed in Designspark which does not have a sheet metal feature. The rough shape has been done, but keep having problems getting flanges to overlap on faces.


Edit! Seems I was right that my explanation was vague and not sufficient, that was my fault. So editing this now with a picture attached to better explain of what I am trying to do.

There are 3 parts of the assembly. Took a while figuring out on how to detach the side panels into separate parts. The side panels (2 and 3) are going to be attached to the middle part (1) with solid rivets. Do to this, I need either the side panels to have flanges that overlap to the middle part, or vice versa (having the middle part (1) having the flanges instead). Have tried using the flange function, but get only errors. Have tried moving faces to make a bigger gap between to make space for bend in case that was the error, but didn't work. Can't find any guides or other questions on the forums on how to get flanges overlapping on faces with complex angles.

Any ideas on how proceed? Also any ideas on how to get rid of the large gaps in bending corners (that is the yellow highlighted areas)? Needs to be airtight on the back side of the assembly, and don't want weld them.
Also, I want to attach the 2 side panels together to form a single part with a sheet face joining them on back side (that is the green part, joining 2 and 3). Any suggestion on how to do this? If it can't be done, then flanges needs to be used.
If I was a bit vague on what I was after and you couldn't understand my question, please let me know. I can then make crude sketches in MS paint using using the model for a better explanation.


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