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has anyone been using ARbase with Onshape models just wondering because I have made some models and used ARbase with them but I did notice that the zooming in and out of the part is a issue because it keep snapping back to 100% also I noticed when rotating or panning the models it is very jittery and not very smooth has anyone else had this issue.



  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 768 PRO
    I did notice the zoom issue. For me it was not an problem because I was testing life size models "chairs and furniture" that did not need to scale.

    There was no jittering when I used it. It would even let me walk around the inside of a kitchen model that I had, no issues.
  • dan_schniersdan_schniers Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Are you viewing on a iphone or ipad because i tried both and noticed a lot of jittering movement. maybe i am doing something wrong in the setup.

  • Aaron_MagninAaron_Magnin Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 78
    Let's see if we can get one of their developers to take a look @alan_kalbfleisch

  • alan_kalbfleischalan_kalbfleisch Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for flagging this @Aaron_Magnin, and apologies for my delay.

    The ability to zoom in and out on a model is a setting of 'model-viewer', the component I am using for the AR viewer. I had set it to prevent zooming, but thanks to @dan_schniers' feedback about the confusing user experience, I have updated the setting to allow for zooming. I will make this a toggle setting that users will be able to set so they can choose whether they want the viewer to have the ability to zoom in on a model. 

    As for the models being jittery, this was a result of my conversion process from gltf (the file format used by Android) to usdz (the file format used by iOS). The usdz files I was making were sometimes too large and complex for iOS to handle, resulting in low frame rate or models not being able to load at all. I just shipped a new conversion process that has reduced iOS file size by ~25%. For more complex models with lots of small parts, viewing on iOS will still have a lower frame rate when compared to Android. The iOS viewer is more sensitive to to small detailed parts. If you are finding that your models have poor performance when viewing on iOS, I would recommend hiding any internal parts or small features like fasteners when converting your model to AR using ARbase.

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