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How to use user rights useful? (workflows, structures, strategy, exchange)


so far, I haven’t found any source to get smart in this topic.

At the beginning I would like to show how I imagine this exchange.

Presentation of the facts:

Step1 People who have contact with Onshape.

Step2 Data structure 

Step3 User rights distribution

Step 4 Description or comments


As an example, I will start.

Step1 People who have contact with Onshape:

(Paid licenses) Engineering department --->1xEngineering Leader; 3x Employees

(Free licenses) Management, purchasing department, Electronics department, Suppliers
Do not appear under step 3 as only individual files are shared for a specified period of time.

Step2 Data structure:


Step3 User rights Distribution:


Step 4 Description or comments:

The user group "Konstruktion" consists of all 4 people.

That is our current status. I'm curious how others do it. Thanks in advance for sharing.



  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 764 PRO
    edited September 2021
    This may be a tangent, but I'm also curious about this.

    Cache River has two professional Onshape seats. Obviously, we need to be pro subscribed because we are using the software for business purposes.

    Can clients pay us for models? Yes.

    Can clients pay us for parametric models? I'm not sure.
    Do they need to go purchase a pro membership now because their model is parametric? Even if their model is set to public? 

    @onshape, can you help explain these situations? Thanks.

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