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Mirroring and instance management needed!

JoshBarnettJoshBarnett Member Posts: 15 PRO
edited September 2021 in Product Feedback
I'm new to Onshape, just bought a pro licence and am enjoying it...

Q1: What is Onshape's timeline for adding:
  1. Assembly mirroring
  2. Instance management in part studio (i.e. detect identical parts... analogous to SW detecting identical bodies)
Q2: What are work arounds to the above?

Looks like there is currently a trade-off for static assemblies...
  • A ) doubling the amount of work required to mate an assembly (very painful in larger assemblies, introduces error)
  • B ) doubling the amount of part numbers by mirroring in part studio and the grouping in assembly (just wrong, bad BOM)
But what about dynamic assemblies and/or you have a bunch of mirrored imported parts etc etc..

Will have to continue using Solidworks for the majority of work without these improvements.


Machine Designer | AXIS7


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