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Workflow from 2D CAD to 3D Modeled Parts

jack_erhartjack_erhart Member Posts: 71
I created a Document, and imported my DXF file of all the components of our locomotive.

Highlighting the indivitual parts, and then copying and pasting them into a new drawing produced this.

I then had to export out to a DXF format to import the frame section back into Onshape by starting a new document named Frame. Seen below.

Now I'm using this a "Reference" and modeling off of the CAD Frame section to create the indivitual parts that make up the locomotive frame.

So here is where my question begins.

1. Is this an acurate workflow according to how the Onshape program works? The cutting and pasting seems a bit wonky. I hope there is a better way.
Input to a more efficient workflow would be appreciated.
2. When I create faces on the "Reference" drawing as a new Sketch, and then extrude those faces up to the known thickness of the frame, it is creating two seperate entities within the Features window on the left. The Sketch, which I rename to identify the part, and the Extrusion. Can I group those together to make one seperate part? Which brings me to my next question.
3. I make a new Sketch for each part I am modeling, but the geometry is not seperate. When I click on the eye icon to make the part invisible it only makes the face invisible, not the extrusion.
Do I need to create a new document for each part?
I was hoping to work off the Reference drawing to create all the parts as seperate files, so I can send them to the 3D printer. 

Sure appreciate any input. 


  • dirk_van_der_vaartdirk_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 347 ✭✭✭
    Maybe it is better to do some tutorials first, like this one, 
  • benjamin_hammerbenjamin_hammer Member Posts: 3
    Hey Jack!
    I came here because I searched for how to use a sketch for multiple parts. In SolidWorks you can create blocks from a sketch. You then can import the block as one entity. Move it around with ease.
    I wonder if you found a better way of accomplishing your task?
    Cool locomotive, by the way. I have castings around here for a 0-4-0, 3/4" scale. Trying to figure out what kind of an locomotive to build out of them. A 0-4-0-4T would be cool!
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