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Toshimichi_OdaToshimichi_Oda OS Professional Posts: 53 PRO
Feature Script で CAM を作りました。

I have made CAM in Feature Script.



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    fer_fer_fer_fer_ Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
    I wanted to thank you for sharing your FS ncout functionality. In high school I found it very useful.

    If at any time you consider it opportune to improve it, I would suggest a couple of changes.
    The option that you can suppress the header of the G code with a simple Boolean

    G90 G00 X0 Y0 Z100,000

    The option that you can suppress the end of the G code with a simple Boolean


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    Toshimichi_OdaToshimichi_Oda OS Professional Posts: 53 PRO
    @fer_fer, Thank you for using a lot.

    Generally, CAM uses a post-processor to output the NC code you want for your the cutting machine.
    Tab 'standardNc.fs' acts as a post-processor in the current version of 'ncout'.

    You can output your favorite code by the following:

    1. Copy document 'ncout' and name it 'My ncout'.

    2. Copy(duplicate) Tab 'standardNc.fs' and name it 'MyNc.fs' in 'My ncout'.

    3. Edit 'MyNc.fs.' For Example:

     Change  (line36):  nc += ["%\n",oName,"G90 G00 X0 Y0",{z:definition.retractZ}];
      To                nc += ["%\n",{z:definition.retractZ}];

    4. Click 'Commit' in 'MyNc.fs'

    5. Edit 'ncout.fs'

      Delete (line4):  import(path : "standardNc.fs", version : "...");
      click 'Import' (left button of 'Commit').
      click 'Feature Studio' in Import dialog.
      click 'MyNc.fs'. Then insert a line 'Import(path : "MyNc.fs", ....)'
      close Import Dialog by clicking 'x'

    6. Click 'Commit' in 'ncout.fs'

    7. Change tab 'sampleA'.

      You can see a line 'G90 G00 X0 Y0' is omitted in FeatureScript notices.


    I know it is better that 'ncout' will support PostProcessor functions such as 'MyNc.fs' for many machines and switch them easily.
    But I will not release an improved version because only a few people around me  use it and Onshape will release CAM this year as all know.

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