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Is all caps still the standard for 2D?

nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member Posts: 105 PRO
Hi all, I was working on drawing templates for my startup company. I learned in the 90's, and at that time, every text in drawings was required to be all caps for legibility. I'm sure this is a byproduct of the hand drawn days. Now that I'm starting from scratch, with no prior drawings at my company, I was considering going to lowercase for notes, rev blocks, title block, etc. The legibility of that is probably better than all caps, IMO, when its all computer generated. It also takes up a lot less space. I was curious if any companies you fellow OS users are at are using lowercase in 2D. What is your experience on this? Thanks.


  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 182 PRO
    edited October 1
    Depends on what standard you want to follow.

    ASME Line Conventions and Lettering Y14.2 - 2014 (R2020) says:
    6.3 Letters — Uppercase and Lowercase
      Uppercase letters shall be used for all lettering on drawings unless lowercase letters are required.

    You're correct about legibility, but if I'm going to follow the standard, I want to do it right. The exceptions I make are that SI units get abbreviated with correct case, so millimeters is "mm" not "MM" (Mega Mols, anyone?). Sometimes a title block or drawing format will have a filename in it, and I'm OK with those matching the case of the actual file system (though depending on which one it is, that may be irrelevant).
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