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How do I create a plane that is perpendicular to a surface?

Kira_LeeKira_Lee Member, Developers Posts: 17 PRO
I am trying to make a revolved cut feature that I can drop onto a cylinder face (the cylinder should be able to be anywhere in space) but the sketch plane has to be perpendicular to the face chosen.
I've used the code below where realPlane is the plane chosen by the user.
var sketchPlane1 = plane(vector(0, 0, 0) * inch, realPlane.origin);
but if my realPlane.origin happens to also be the world coordinate of 0, 0, 0 in space, this doesn't work.

For this feature, the length of the cylinder isn't fixed nor is it known in the feature - the only input/parameter is the face that's chosen.

Thanks in advance!

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