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Help Making a Complex Air Duct for a Car

james_thompson267james_thompson267 Member Posts: 5
Hi Everyone,

I have done lots of searching, reading, watching videos and playing around myself but still cant get what i'm looking for. So Im working on a cold air inlet duct for an enclosed off road vehicle. The tube itself will provide clean fresh air to those inside the cab and the tube is a different shape on the top (through windshield) than it is on the bottom (near drivers feet). It also has to have multiple bends to be able to get around some of the structural features of the car under the dash as well as pass through an opening in the dash with a specific shape. I am familiar with simple sweeps and a bit of the loft tool so i thought i would be able to create the various shapes in the correct planes and essentially connect them all using guides in the loft settings. However, this has not worked as of yet. If i am successful in connecting the lofts, then i cannot get it to complete the sweep (and/or vice versa). I am not asking anyone to do it for me, but am wondering if any of you have a link or a good description to where i might be running in to a snag? Or perhaps a better way of trying to achieve this same design?? 

This link is to one of my multiple attempts. The part that appears in purple is the correct shape to go through the dash and represents how far i can go straight down before i need to sweep or turn the tube and also change the shape. The dark blue rounded rectangle was what i was experimenting with to try and connect the separate pieces with no luck. The grey swept tube off to the side represents the general idea of what i am trying to connect to the bottom of the purple part.  Any help or leads in the right direction would be much appreciated! 

Thanks in advance.

Here is my working project:

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