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Improvements to Onshape - October 25th, 2021



  • kevin_guokevin_guo Onshape Employees Posts: 18
    Cool new update, but the October updates have led to really poor Onshape performance on my computer after 2 years with no issues.
    The options drop down menus when creating features (such as Blind, Up to Face, Through All, etc for extrusions) keep displaying only the first option -- if the little window displays properly at all -- which can only be corrected by completely exiting out of the document and reloading the workspace, sometimes even requiring closing Onshape entirely. Yesterday this happened no less than 10 times in just over an hour of work. Super inconvenient and frustrating. I hope this bug can be identified and fixed soon.
    Hi, KC, is the problem you see are on Safari 15 on Mac? If you try Chrome browser, will it still happen? We have recently identified an issue like yours on Safari version 15 only. Thanks.
  • Henk_de_VlaamHenk_de_Vlaam Member, Developers Posts: 237 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    I'm very glad with the upgraded Hole feature. It resolves this question:)

    I played with it and found a new improvement request.

    Look at this configured part.

    1) Despite the new hole functionality this hole has still an 'undercut'.

    2) You need an additional Sketch and an Extrude to make it producible.

    3) It would be nice when the Hole feature includes the choice to extrude the hole 'Through All' in the second direction.

    4) Because that feature is missing at this moment, the hole falls back to its pre-upgrade behaviour when you change the drill angle.

    Henk de Vlaam (NL)
  • guy_rogelguy_rogel Member, User Group Leader Posts: 84 PRO
    Both inspectrion numbers and the where used , are very strong editions to OS. Well done
  • emagdalenaC2iemagdalenaC2i Member, Developers, Channel partner Posts: 857 ✭✭✭✭✭
    En este enlace podéis ver las Novedades de Onshape en español
    Un saludo,

    Eduardo Magdalena                         C2i Change 2 improve                         ☑ ¿Por qué no organizamos una reunión online?  
                                                                         Partner de PTC - Onshape                                     Averigua a quién conocemos en común
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