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Exported DXF, SVG, DWG lines are all separate and not closed, struggling to use these files for CAM

james_shimekjames_shimek Member Posts: 4 EDU
So I've been trying to figure out a workflow for CAM from onshape using a 2d export like a DXF or SVG. I've tried exporting the face of a solid and exporting a drawing in the above stated files and every time I do all the lines are separated from each other. My CAM software for both laser cutting and routing imports each line (straight and curved) as individual lines and not connected.
I'm trying to encorporate onshape into our makerspaces and engineering programs in my school district and this issue makes onshape not very useful on the CAM front.
I've been reading through the forms for a fix to this issue but it seems the consensus is "repair your geometry in another piece of software like autocad". But that just makes me wonder why I shouldn't just use autocad then....

Is anyone having any success with using a 2d export of any kind without opening up in another cad software to join the lines together?



  • michael3424michael3424 Member Posts: 603 ✭✭✭
    I export face from 3D parts for laser cutting with a glass, CO2 tube hobby laser that is controlled by LightBurn.  The lines for a rectangular shape (for example) come in as individual (unconnected) lines but still cut fine.  If necessary, I can use LightBurn to group the lines that form the rectangular object so that they look, and can be moved about like, a rectangle but that's not usually necessary for my projects. 

    What control software are you using for laser cutting and for CNC routing?
  • james_shimekjames_shimek Member Posts: 4 EDU
    We also use lightburn for our laser cutting. Laser grbl for when I'm feeling lazy.
    For our router cam we primarally use Easel (we've got a couple of x-carves) however I've tried a bunch of different ones over the years, kirimoto, chilipepper, Fusion 360's cam environment and some that I'm sure I've forgotten over the years.  

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