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Is it possible to use the "show dimensions" tool for a featureScript created sketch?

Trevor_AkersTrevor_Akers Member Posts: 2 PRO
I'm having an issue where the dimensions are unavailable for a sketch that was generated through featureScript.
Selecting the option does nothing and Im assuming that it is related to the fact that it was created via a featurescript.
I have 3 speculations as to why this doesnt work:
  1. This arc was created as an arc using 3 points, left side, middle, and right side, and therefore is not dimensionally driven, thus nothing appears. This same logic would apply to all of the straight lines which also dont work.
  2. The sketch is not constrained and therefore cannot be dimensioned?
  3. Lastly, and least likely, this sketch is transformed at one point, so potentially the dimensions are just being placed somewhere weird (proved wrong later by the public document I shared)?
My best guess is number one. Two and three seem unlikely
Measuring and "show curvature" work just fine, but those have different use cases.

Due to enterprise stuff, I cannot provide a link to this document proper, but here is a quick document thats reveals the problem all the same:

After playing with the link above, it seems that the "show dimensions" button inst even for the sketch created, but for edge/vertex or whatever was queried and, in these cases, the sketch was revolved around. Even then though, the queried line dimensions are not revealed. This can be shown by creating the same script, but not querying any edges or vertexes. The "show dimensions" button no longer appears. For some reason I cannot
With a queried edge that the sketch is revolved around:

Without a queried edge, the sketch is revolved around a non-entity line:

So, my question remains: Can you show dimensions of a sketch created in featureScript?


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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,359 PRO
    Sounds like something that could be useful, but can you back up a little and say why you want to show dimensions for your FeatureScript? What problem are you trying to solve?
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    Trevor_AkersTrevor_Akers Member Posts: 2 PRO
    Not really trying to solve a problem, but displaying the dimensions would be useful for quick reference. There isn't a huge amount of usability, but like I said quickly referring to the size without using the measurement tool is useful when sharing the document amongst many people and/or designing a product adjacent to this sketch. Additionally, some other featureScripts I've made could benefit from the display dimension tool for drawing benefits :smile: .
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