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Drawing Approved By and Date Updating

Nath_McCNath_McC Member Posts: 118 PRO
I have an issue with the 'Drawing Approved By' and 'Approved Date' which update in the title block when the drawings have a new revision released.
When the drawing is released for manufacture (Revision A) the title block updates correctly, shown below:

However, when I create a change and release it to the next revision the title block then updates, below is the updated information. Is there a way in which I can have the data stick from Rev A?
99 times out of 100 it will always be revision A that this data is pulled from.


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    raj_Onshaperaj_Onshape Onshape Employees Posts: 107
    Can you please elaborate on your request ?

    Are you saying that sometimes when you revise a drawing you don't get Approved by and Date approved automatically updated correctly ?

    Or you want Approved by and Date approved  in workspace to continue showing last revision ?
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    Nath_McCNath_McC Member Posts: 118 PRO
    Hi Raj,

    I basically want the Approved By and Date of Issue to stay at the first released, in my case revision A even when another revision is added.

    So in the example when the drawing is released for manufacture (revision A) the data is correct (date: 26/10/2021).  But when the next revision is added the Date of issue updates to the next revision date e.g. 18/11/2021.

    Is there a way to have it stay at revision A (approved date)
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    raj_Onshaperaj_Onshape Onshape Employees Posts: 107
    The only way to achieve this currently is user another property called First Release Date and First Approver and use that in the drawing template. These would have to be manually copied over or set once
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