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Working example on how to change custom property value in standard content and assembly item via API

gaphillgaphill Member Posts: 3 PRO
edited November 24 in Community Support
My goal is to build very simple script based inventory management on top of Onshape Custom Properties. Hence, I need to change stock size and some other custom properties via API in all 3 types of items: normal parts, assembly items and standard content items.

I have created a test custom property named "unitprice", and a test assembly with one normal part, one assembly item and one standard content item.

There was no trouble in changing the value of "unitprice" via API with normal part.

The question is, how can I do the same with assembly item and with standard content item?

As you can see in picture of a BOM below, "unitprice" is visible in both.

API explorer (or Glassworks) have not been very helpful here. All combinations tried have ended up into 404.

Does anyone have a working example of these? What I need is basically understandable information how to construct api url and the request body

Or is it at all possible?

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