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Flex function on a part or assembly,

AIifyAIify Member Posts: 3 PRO
edited November 2021 in Community Support
Hello Everyone,
I am looking for a way to flex a part similar to the flex function of Solidworks. For all intents and purposes something that could accomplish this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzj_VEj6nmA 
I do not have the option to use either sheet bending or even build up the model from scratch in a bend state.
Splicing it into layers, transforming those and then lofting between them is not just inaccurate but insanely tedious.
A function like this would help me in either (or both) part studio and assembly (I.E. 6DoF deformation of a spring, or when designing living hinges) 
Could someone let me now what options exist in OS to perform operations like this? 

Thanks :)


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    GWS50GWS50 Member Posts: 389 PRO
    I came across this issue on a recent project when I had to model a curved twisted candle stick. I have used to use Vectorworks a lot in the past, which has a flex feature, so I had to export the part flex/bend it and then re-import it. The part was eventually printed, moulded and cast in GRP.
    It went against the grain having to do this in another program.
    The answer is....unless you can model it from scratch you will probably have to use another program to flex your part.
    This and other deformation commands would be most welcome in OnShape, along with skew and distort perhaps.

    It may be that some clever person has written a Feature-script to do this but I'm not aware of one
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