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How can I connect different lines in a way that my svg export shows one line?

I work with a shaper origin. This machine uses svg files. My export shows different lines. How can I conect them to one line in the scetch mode already?


  • n_schoemaekern_schoemaeker Member Posts: 28 PRO
    Can you provide a Document example?
    I'm not sure I understand your issue.
  • matthias_schranermatthias_schraner Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Thanks a lot. I'm unable to attache the downloaded svg file. You can find my project under seakajak or use:
    Under "Spant 9 drawing" you can find my problem. 
    Shaper Origin accepts only closed lines if I need inside or outside routing. Since my drawing exist in several pieces, it won't allow me that and I'm unable to use this router with OnShape drwings.
    Thanks a lot 
  • hovishovis Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
    I'm also a Shaper user, and would really like a better Onshape -> Shaper Origin workflow.

    I think what matthias_schraner means is that they want to be able to have an SVG export option that eagerly connects SVG paths. The Shaper tool expects each path to be a single cut operation, so splitting up a large closed loop into multiple paths causes problems.  For pocket cuts, it simply doesn't work at all because Shaper demands a closed path to initiate a pocket operation.

    If there's any interest, I will record a video of the Shaper UI demonstrating the problem.

    Personally, I've already taken a stab at pulling the primitives from the Onshape document using the Onshape API and stitching the paths together to make a streamlined export tool - but the Onshape document model is beyond me I'm afraid.  There is a very nice Shaper export plugin for Fusion that would be perfect - except that it's in Fusion and not in Onshape.

  • quinn_renehanquinn_renehan Member Posts: 4 EDU
    As an onshape and origin user I would also love to see an svg export option...with connected paths. My students and I have run into these same issues and anything to make the process smoother would be great.
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