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Custom Properties + FeatureScript

Kira_LeeKira_Lee Member, Developers Posts: 17 PRO
edited December 2021 in FeatureScript
I have a custom property (text) set in a configuration table for a part studio (Part A).
Next I have a feature script that takes Part A and subtracts it from a cylinder part (Part B ) in a completely different document - I import two different configurations of Part A because I need two subtractions (one for each face of Part B ).
Finally, I make a drawing of Part B. 

In this drawing, I want to be able to put a note with the custom property for each configuration of Part A. Since custom properties seem to be attached to parts, once Part B is created, the properties are attached to it and the properties of Part A no longer show up as options in my drawing. Is there a way to get Part A properties onto Part B? Keep in mind that I need two different properties from Part A since two configurations are being used.
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