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Murphy's law

michał_1michał_1 Member, Developers Posts: 214 ✭✭✭
Hi, for the first time since beta release, I've made something for real in Onshape. Simple project, I had to recreate geometry based on Sketchup file and then prepare some drawings for manufacturing. Because it was a very side jobe, completely detach from my day job, I've thought to give Onshape a run.
Down the stretch, I've found myself undo and redo a lot. When file start to grow I've took care to reduce it weight...and it worked eventually but also took some time. Day after (today) I've been enlightened, why bother about file size? If downgrade from pro plan does not limit use of already created projects, it means it's more of free plan nature and that's why it's possible... If so, then real free plan sounds: no more creation of new personal projects beyond 100 MB and up to 10 in total, and creation of new public projects until you reach 5GB.
Now I've reached 129 MB on personal projects just to test the issue, and there's no penalty. I can even upload new files in to tabs...
I'm confused, why you've made it so indirect? Murphy's law, people will abuse this system if it's only possible. That creates unhealthy relation.
You've already recived a lot of unfair words because of changes in a free plan. That was your plan?
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