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Mirror and projecting sketch help

john_clinejohn_cline Member Posts: 4 EDU
Hay all, wondering if you could help me with some issues I'm having with some designs for my senior capstone for uni. I'm having some trouble projecting a given sketch onto a slightly curved shape so I can make a slight recess for a handle with its specific dimensions. I am also having some trouble mirroring the same properties to the other side of the part. I've been using Onshape for about a year now, but I'm no professionals so any help with this would be great.

Anywho, I've tried split and a Project tool from another forum page which hasn't really helped just yet. I managed to get something to work for the right-hand side, but now I'm stuck trying to get something symmetric don't the LH  side now.

Want to get this or at least the sketch projected to the other side. I was able to mirror it, but for whatever reason when I went to chamfer it, it went way oversized with the same values I used for the RH side. Very confused.

If you need any more info or some kind of access to the file, just let me know.
Thanks in advance!

Project: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/d8ca1c870dad51789412ba41/w/f1b38ec026024f0813e5a630/e/1fa4e91156602622bbad7725?configuration=List_bttXnosFtOqDiY=Default&renderMode=0&uiState=61c64e5ba09ff83ad27d0893 
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