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New FeatureScripts - Assembly Mirror and Point Derive

Alex_KempenAlex_Kempen Member Posts: 244 EDU
edited January 2022 in Using Onshape
Hello all,
I’m back again with a few more shiny new FeatureScript releases.

Assembly Mirror
Assembly mirror facilitates assembly behavior by adding mate connectors to parts which allow instances of those parts to be quickly placed into mirrored positions in assemblies.

A part studio set up using Assembly mirror:

An assembly built using mate connectors created by Assembly mirror:

Assembly mirror can also create mirror copies of parts if no valid matching transform can be found for a given part, and copy part names over as well.

Point Derive
The Point derive feature is a powerful variant of the Onshape Derive feature which allows users to specify locations when deriving parts. Point derive also automatically converts mate connectors attached to parts which are being derived into selectable points, making it easy to derive and use standard components.

A part studio using Point derive to derive two pipe fittings:

A pipe fitting set up to be derived with Point derive:

FeatureScript Documentation
I’ve also created a documentation website containing docs for all of my FeatureScripts which can be found here:

The site currently has links and full documentation for:
  • FRC belt calculator
  • Point derive
  • Assembly mirror
In the future, I also plan to continue adding documentation for the rest of my existing FeatureScripts.

Thanks, and I hope you find these useful!

CS Student at UT Dallas
Check out my FeatureScripts here:


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