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Is there a way to control dependencies in the 'configure properties' table?

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to use FS to control dependencies in the configurations property table(if possible). For instance, I have a hose I want to vary in both diameter and length. For any length of hose with D=1", I would want the part number to be 1. For any length of hose with D=2", I would want the part number to be 2..and so on. The part number is entirely dependent on the diameter. When using the configured properties table, Onshape requires the part number be dependent on both the length and diameter. This means, if I cut this hose a thousand different lengths over time, I have to configure the part number a thousand different times rather than just being able to say 'if d=1, then PN=1'.

P.S. I'm level 'extra-novice' when it comes to FS.


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    MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,740 PRO
    edited February 2022
    To set a part property within FS, use setProperty. You can round D to the nearest whole number and use that as your part number. Note that this is not connected to the configurations panel.

    Here is one way to do this:
            var partNumber = round(D, 1);
            setProperty(context, {
                    "entities" : entities,
                    "propertyType" : PropertyType.PART_NUMBER,
                    "value" : partNumber

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