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Can't extrude properly due to it asking me to select a merge scope.

Valaya_ChoudharyValaya_Choudhary Member Posts: 2
Trying to extrude those accessory nubs, when I tried it with the New option, the part wasn't sticking together when I was moving it around in my assembly. I am a little confused. Below I have provided two images of my issue. When I select the merge scope as my entire part, I get a small red box at one of the edges of the block.


  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,275 PRO
    edited March 2022
    This could be happening if the edges of the circle sketches are touching the wall at 0 inches or mm. Try moving them away or into the wall a very tiny amount.

    A more technical reason for this: Onshape does not allow entities to "share" an edge or vertex within the same part. 
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