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Obsolescence of FeatureScripts

S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,104 PRO
As Onshape adds more and more functionality natively, there are a number of older FeatureScripts which are no longer necessary. It really seems like people should avoid using and promoting obsolete FeatureScripts. There are occasional hints that Onshape will provide better resources to help with finding the best FS, but in the mean time there are 3rd party things like DCowden's GitHub, and the directory on Bubbleapps.io.

Both of these have FS's like extend surface, or beams which are now built in. The directories should point people at the native features, unless there is some edge case worth mentioning. The non-native FS's should update their PDF tabs to mention the native features as well.

I've seen similar issues with trying to search for help on various applications. If you search for how to solve a problem with Excel, you may find some weird work around that was necessary 5 years ago, but can easily be done with more recent versions of the application. With something as popular as Excel, it's hard to update or correct all the old info out there, but the FeatureScript world is still small enough that we have some hope of making it more clear for newer users.
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