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Please help me move a sketch shape of lines and splines wiithout using transform. Photos included.

James3578James3578 Member Posts: 15
edited March 2022 in Using Onshape
Hey Onshape, new beginnere here. But I've been teaching myself and I've made a few things pretty successfully. I have a good idea of how things work but I can't move this sketch shape for the life of me. I feel like there's a stupid little tweak I"m just not seeing. 

Simple lines and a mirrored spline. Like a badge in a box. But I don't want to just move it, I could do that with transform. I want to constrain it's midpoint to another point on the same plane using the concentric constraint. I can't select and drag any part of that sketch or it goes haywire. And it goes haywire if I try to add the constraint. 

I can do what I want just fine if it's just lines, but with that spline added in it's like a ticking time bomb under tension. I have experimented with the constraints and dimensions TOO much. I've tried deleting the mirrors, tried adding/removing constraints, with and without dimensions, trial and error did not work. I must be missing something. I must be able to move this shape. Thanks for any answers. 

(The first photo shows the constraints that were added automatically while creating the sketch)


  • SethFSethF Member Posts: 129 PRO
    edited March 2022
    The key is that you need to have it fully defined in the reference frame. That way it knows not to change the shape when you go to move it. Notice in my example that once I lock one point into place in reference to the part coordinate system, the entire sketch becomes fully defined. Currently in your example, it looks like there are too many degrees of freedom for Onshape to be able to predict what behavior you'd like to see when you go to move the reference frame.

    If you share a link to a public document of your example, I or someone else might be able to help with your specific case.

  • James3578James3578 Member Posts: 15
    Hey I appreciate your reply but I'm done with the whole project now. I looked for  way to delete my post but I can't.
  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 656 PRO
    It's helpful for other forum users if you post your solution to your original problem. Likely, you're not the only person with challenges with defining constraints for splines. No need to delete posts!

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