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Are there downloadable versions of the onboarding videos

Andy_MayoAndy_Mayo Member Posts: 2 PRO
We are using onshape to communicate between our teams in the UK and Madagascar and the internet connections in Madagascar can be highly variable, are there any offline versions of the onboarding videos available so that for training the bandwidth can be focussed on the onshape application itself rather than also having to support the video sream?


  • wout_theelen541wout_theelen541 Member Posts: 166 PRO
    A lot of materials are also on YouTube so I guess you could do YouTube premium for those. I don't think you can directly download anything on the learning center. If you have an account executive I would try contacting them maybe they can send the video files to you.
  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,484 PRO
    edited April 14

    @Andy_Mayo, you can ask Onshape and they may provide some of the training files for you. They are awesome like that.

    Or, you could add the Wistia video downloader extension to your Chrome or Brave browser. This will let you download any of the video tutorials or Onshape update videos.

    Note, if you can't access the training videos via internet, then you may not be able to run Onshape very well either.

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