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Improve standard content VS slots

Antoine_BoucherAntoine_Boucher Member Posts: 3 PRO
Hey there!

In most of my designs, I need to put slots to allow for adjustements when assembling the product once fabricated. In the assembly, I want to insert the necessary hardware to make sure I have all the bolts, rings, nuts, etc. I need. To do so, I use the standard content function of Onshape's assemblies, and this is where my issue is.

Inserting any standard content in slots is incredibly painful. When I select a face and click 'Insert', Onshape seems to not recognize the slots as holes in which to place screws. Even selecting the edge of the slots manually doesn't seem to work.

And so, I have to insert screws one by one. 

Then I have to insert nuts one by one.

Then I have to insert washers one by one.

Then I have to insert the other washers one by one.

And so, what could take essentially 15 clicks instead takes over 60, not to mention the loading time for each unit of hardware I insert one by one. Unless, of course, I simply don't see and/or use the proper feature and complicate my life needlessly.

Could there be a new feature to the 'insert standard content' function that deals with slots perhaps? 

Thank you.


  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 219 PRO
    You should be able to insert one of each standard part (without pre-selecting a face), then mate this to your first slot (there is an implicit mate connector in the middle of a slot), and the use the replicate feature to populate all the other identical slots. You may need 2x replicate for the stuff mated in front (ie.. bolt) and stuff mated in back (washer and nut)
  • Antoine_BoucherAntoine_Boucher Member Posts: 3 PRO
    edited March 25
    Unfortunately, the replicate function seems to fall apart when I try to replicate a washer since it is mated to the hole and the nut. The replicate function only works if the part has one singul- Ah. Wait.

    I used to try and insert the hardware one 'type' at a time. Meaning I would put the screw, then replicate, then attempt to add a washer, at which point the replicate function would fail.

    Seeing your reply made me realize that perhaps I was doing it wrong then, and after a little bit of trial and error, I realize that I must insert, say, a screw and a washer and *then* replicate it.

    Thank you Eric, you will help me save a whole lot of time in the future!
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