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Please allow users to unfollow shared files!

Rebecca_BrownRebecca_Brown Member Posts: 2 EDU
I'm taking a class which uses onshape, and other students keep sharing their files with the whole class instead of just the instructor - and it's clogging up my home screen. I want to be able to "unfollow" or un-tag myself from these projects so they disappear from my home screen and I can stop getting notifications about them!


  • shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 746 PRO
    edited March 2022
    That's a great idea.  I don't experience the problem but if I was in an environment were people shared docs with me I would find it very annoying.  You would need a way to browse documents that you rejected shares on, otherwise it could get confusing.  People could think something is shared with you but you may have forgotten you rejected the share.

    I'm noticing you have not created this a an improvement request.
  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 34
    edited March 2022
    In case this document is directly shared with you, you can right click on the document and select "Unshare with Me" option to remove yourself from it.
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