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Mirror components in assemblies

Gerard_BotermanGerard_Boterman Member Posts: 2
It seems there are hundreds of posts (since 2015?( about the missing option to mirror parts, with work arounds and feature scripts. As this seems a hot issue, why can't the option be added to the Onshape menu, for a part duplication using linear, rotation and mirror.

Has this brought to the attention to the development team? If so, is it correct to assume it cannot be done in Onshape and we have to keep using work arounds and other, sorry, unprofessional options.
How to get updated if the mirror option becomes available?

Trying to find help on this, how to sort responses from latest to oldest, to see if new solution have been made available? I have not time to read hundreds of messages posted, as I need to finish my work.
I look forward to this improvement to be implemented.


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 335 PRO
    @Gerard_Boterman, please share a link to a public document illustrating an example of the end result that you are seeking to achieve.  Are you mirroring part geometry (resulting in a second unique part), or merely mirroring the placement of a second part in the assembly?  The answer to that question will effect the workflow.

    Depending on your purpose consider mirroring the part in its Part Studio rather than in an assembly.
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