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Allow OAUTH2 login process

billy_harveybilly_harvey Member Posts: 1
It would be convenient to allow OAUTH2 login ability, so that, for example, one could login with a Google+ account.  My password(s) are long and (hopefully) secure.  When I have to create a password for a site that doesn't use an OAUTH2 login, I create a new random(ish) password.  This is generally not a problem going between desktop and mobile Chrome because of password sync.  However, when a custom app needs to be used because of limitations in mobile Chrome (I'm curious what those are too), then there is no password sync.  Retyping a 32 character password is something of a pain.

Also, this brings builtin two-factor authentication depending on the OAUTH2 provider.


  • awkawk Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 78
    We do have two-factor authentication support in Onshape today - visit your profile page to enable it.

    We will also be supporting OAuth2 shortly in order for partner applications and sites to access your Onshape data with your permission, however this is not quite the same as allowing you to sign in to Onshape using OAuth credentials from a third party provider - ie. sign in with your Google credentials. Please open an enhancement request if being able to use credentials from another provider like Google, Facebook or Linked-In to sign in to Onshape is important to you.
    Director of API, Appstore, and App Partner Technical Support
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